Our design services range from simple drafting, small modifications to existing components or fully featured product designs. Our team have experience in the medical device, FMGC, Consumer and Industrial Electronics, Heating Controls and Toy Industries.

We are very highly experienced designing with metals, plastics, sheetmetal and castings with a strong emphasis on design for manufacture using industry leading software tools such as Solidworks and Autodesk Fusion. We currently have 3 seats of Solidworks and 4 seats of Autodesk fusion 360 software.

Our experience includes every stage of the product development cycle from Aesthetics and Ergonomics through to functional prototypes and managing the manufacture of Mould tooling and delivery of final product. This allows us to apply the most relevant design and manufacturing solution to our clients for their projects.


With over 20 years experience in rapid prototyping we can advise and provide components from a large range of additive manufacturing processes such as SLA, FDM, SLS and Vacuum casting for prototyping plastics. With our in house machining capabilities we can manufacture CNC machined prototypes from modelling board, plastic and metal materials.

CNC Machining

Inmasoll produce custom CNC machined components from a wide variety of materials such as a variety of Plastics, Aluminium Alloys, various steels, Stainless Steels, Brass, Copper, graphite etc. A wide range of finishing options can be used to enhance the appearance and performance characteristics of finished components. These are sourced through a network of validated partners.

We use a combination of Autodesk Powermill and Autodesk Fusion 360 software to program our CNC machines giving us excellent quality toolpaths for superior surface finishes.

Plastic Fabrications

In 2017 we have invested in specialist equipment for the fabrication of plastics. This includes a 3000x1500mm flatbed CNC router and specialist bending and polishing equipment. This allows us to provide custom fabricated plastic solutions to the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharma industries for use in clean room and assembly applications.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Inmasoll supply clients with custom fabricated Stainless Steel products suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. We work with a variety of stainless steels like 304, 316 and 410 series. Solutions we provide include small components like drip trays, guarding, custom safety equipment to bigger assemblies like custom workstations and enclosures.

Thermoforming Tooling

Inmasoll can provide tooling solutions for both high and low volume thermoforming processes. We provide tooling for the packaging and toy industry where cycle times of less than two seconds are achieved.

We also provide tooling solutions for medium to heavy wall section vacuum and thermoforming. The thicker wall section products are used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications.

Injection MOULD Tooling

Injection moulded plastic components are all around us today. Inmasoll offers managed tooling solutions to our clients from part design through to tooling design and offshore tooling manufacture. We can provide low volume prototype or high volume injection mould tooling.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and we can discuss the options available and advise on the best route to manufacture for your product.

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