About Us

Inmasoll Ltd are an engineering design and manufacturing company founded in the scenic seaside town of Tramore in 2011. We started with a simple goal “to provide our clients with a reliable, quality orientated solution for custom manufactured products or components”. We achieve this with our extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes which include a wide range of plastic processes, sheetmetal fabrication, machined components and various casting processes. This allows us to apply the most relevant design and manufacturing solution to our clients projects.

The founding directors have over 20 years’ experience each in multiple engineering disciplines ranging from product design, engineering design, toolmaking and automation, with International experience working in the USA, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Since our founding we have invested in technology (both hardware and software), and people, with continuous training of staff a priority so we stay current with manufacturing technology. Our in house design and workshop capabilities allow us to respond quickly to client demands for jigs and fixtures and custom machined components in a variety of materials.

If you need some components machined, or have an engineering problem that needs a custom manufactured solution, please feel free to contact our team to discuss the various solutions we can provide.

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